The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) on Tuesday disclosed the figures for the state's revenues and expenditures during the initial four months of the current year.

According to the bank's bulletin, the total revenues amounted to 31.951 billion dinars, while expenditures reached 26.083 billion dinars.

The bank further detailed that revenues acquired in foreign currency during this period totalled 6.4 billion dollars, with total current expenditures and obligations amounting to 13.772 billion dinars.

Highlighting the revenue breakdown, the bank emphasized that revenues from oil sales constituted the majority, reaching 26.6 billion dinars, followed by oil royalties at 4.6 billion dinars.

Tax revenues stood at 65 million dinars, while customs and local fuel market revenues amounted to 121 million and 30 million dinars, respectively. Additionally, the bank reported 535 million dinars in other revenues.

Regarding expenditure, salaries took the lion's share at 20.4 billion dinars, followed by operational expenses at 1.1 billion dinars and subsidies at 3.6 billion dinars. Notably, no allocations were made to development and emergency funds.

Moreover, the bank provided insights into the spending of governmental bodies, with the House of Representatives and its affiliated bodies spending 352 million dinars, the High Council of State spending 14 million dinars, the Presidential Council and its affiliated bodies spending 169 million dinars, and the Government of National Unity spending 584 million dinars.