Energy and logistics services will be critical to the trade volume between Turkey and Libya reaching $15 billion, says Murtada Karanfil, a representative of the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD).

Karanfil noted in a statement his group shared on Thursday that economic relations between the two countries have seen significant growth in recent times.

Energy is a crucial factor in developing economic and trade relations, especially for Turkish companies dealing with Libya, the TÜSİAD official explains.

He indicated that cooperation of Turkish companies in the energy field would have a positive effect on other commercial activities in Libya, which he said would not be limited to the country alone.

Moreover, Karanfil highlighted Libya's strategic location as the gateway to Africa and how this feature makes it an essential trade base for Turkey and Europe.

"Libya offers the shortest sea route to Turkey and Europe, providing the opportunity to reach 53 African countries with a population of one billion people."

The Karanfil Group, known for its activities in Libya, has implemented various projects through its branches in different Libyan cities, including in Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata, Al-Bayda, Zliten, Tobruk, and Zawiya.

The group's services span 16 different sectors, such as logistics, production and supply, law, education, health, defence, construction, textiles, food, housing, mining, publishing, financial management, tourism and hotel management, and cybersecurity technologies.