Libya's oil and non-oil revenues amounted to 62.8 billion dinars; on the other hand, expenditures totaled 47 billion dinars during the first half of this year, a Central Bank of Libya bulletin said on Saturday.

The bulletin noted that Libya's oil revenues amounted to 45.3 billion dinars, while oil royalties declined to 6.0 billion compared to recent years, which stood at 10.3 billion dinars.

Moreover, tax revenues amounted to 361 million, customs revenues 159 million, communications revenues 210 million, fuel in the local market 120 million, and 229 million dinars for other incomes.

As for public spending, the CBL indicated that the salaries section amounted to 28 billion dinars, the operating expenses stood at five billion, the subsidies at 11 billion, and the development section at 2.5 million, while the emergency section was zero.

The expenses of the Council of Ministers and its affiliates surpassed 1.6 billion dinars, the Presidential Council and its affiliates amounted to about 344 million, the House of Representatives and its affiliates amounted to more than 894 million, and the Supreme Council of the State 24 million.