The Education Ministry of the UN-proposed government has announced that it has finalised its procedures with the Central Bank of Libya regarding funding for the printing and supply of textbooks for the next academic year.

The ministry announced in a post on its Facebook page that the Minister of Education, Osman Abdul-Jalil, reached an agreement during a meeting with the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Sadiq Al-Kabir, to complete the required procedures to acquire letters of credit to print textbooks for the next academic year (2017-2018).

Abdul Jalil said that his ministry is continuing to take steps to have the relevant textbooks ready in the stores of the ministry at the beginning of September, reassuring everyone that “the students will have the textbooks in their bags within the first day of school".

The Minister stressed the need for the supplying companies to honor their obligation to supply the book in a timely manner as outlined by the conditions of the contract approved by the Ministry of Education.

The ministry pointed out that this is the third meeting held with the Governor of the CBL. Abdul-Jalil has recently increased communications with the Central Bank in order to accelerate the completion of printing and supply of textbooks in preparation for the new academic year.

Last year, arrival of textbooks to western and southern Libya was obstructed by the eastern government of Abdullah Al-Thanni, which demanded money in order to send them.

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