In a ceremony held on Sunday, teachers from Mokhtar International School were recognized for their achievements in Libya's first-ever "Teaching the Teachers" project.

The project, which focuses on the "Lateral Thinking" methodology pioneered by the late Maltese Professor Edward De Bono, was inaugurated in the presence of Charles Saliba, the Maltese Ambassador to Libya.

The event served as a platform to showcase the dedication and success of these teachers in implementing De Bono's concept, which emphasizes alternative approaches to problem-solving and critical thinking.

A readout from the Maltese Embassy, which The Libya Observer received, said the initiative, spearheaded by the De Bono Foundation under the leadership of Justine Cassar Gasper, marks a significant step forward in fostering innovative thinking within Libya's educational system.

Ambassador Saliba commended Mokhtar International School for its pioneering spirit and stressed educators' vital role in shaping Libya's future. "The teachers are the backbone of the students, and the students are the future of Libya," he remarked, highlighting the crucial link between quality education and sustainable societal progress.

The ceremony also highlighted the ongoing efforts of the Maltese Embassy to support the return of Maltese professionals to Libya and facilitate collaborative ventures and knowledge exchange between the two countries.

The statement anticipated a high participation increase in such transformative courses beyond Ramadan, with more schools expected to enrol and contribute to Libya's educational landscape.

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