The Minister of Education of the Government of National Unity, Musa Al-Magarif, has expected that Libya would rank well in the international classification “Davos” for the quality of education.

Al-Magarif said, in a statement to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, that he understands the popular anger after Libya dropped out of the international classification in 2022, attributing this to the failure of those responsible for the Statistics Center at the International Forum to receive data and statistics of the educational process in Libya in a timely manner, and not for any other reason.

Al-Magarif confirmed that the matter was addressed last year and all data was quickly sent so that index officials could analyze it in a timely manner and measure the quality of Libyan education despite all the challenges it faces.

He pointed out that the ministry continued to rely on the Singaporean system applied in Libya since 2009, out of fear of objections from the other party (the parallel government in the east of the country) if any new educational system is adopted.

Libya ranked outside the declared classification for the quality of education, along with Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Somalia, due to the lack of quality standards in education.