The Libyan Education Ministry Othman Abdeljalil has cancelled over 152.000 employee salaries on the pretext that they don't have enough paperwork to prove they are eligible for their jobs.

The Libyan Education Minister, according to a statement published on Facebook by the ministry, formed central and technical committees to receive appeals and pull out the cancellation of the salaries of employees who provide the necessary paperwork by the end of November 2019.

Meanwhile, the Education Ministry notified teachers whose names appeared on the list by mistake that they won't be affected by the salary cutoff, urging others to appeal the decision if they have the needed paperwork and saying that it will issue formal apologies for anyone whose name is mistakingly on the list.

Days ago, the Education Ministry laid off 20 principals in 20 municipalities, replacing them with 20 others.

Angry at the decision, teachers and education employees took to the streets in different areas to protest this unjust conduct by the ministry and some municipalities have yet to kick off the new school year.

Some districts in western and southern Libya have partially kicked off the school year, for example, Tripoli started, while Tajoura and Janzour didn't.

Misrata and Sirte started schools, while Sabratha, Zuwara, Sorman, and Bani Walid didn't and neither did Sabha and Wadi Buwanis in southern Libya, but the rest of the south started school.

The Education Minister vowed to sack any teachers or employees who fail to show up for work as per the set dates for schools and other departments in a clear response to the protests of teachers in different cities and to the calls of organizing a strike if their demands aren't met.