The final exams for the first semester and the first period exam for general certificates for the current academic year in the Education Supervision Department began Monday in Libya, except for the municipality of Derna.

The Ministry of Education said on its Facebook page that the number of students who would take the exams reached 1.039.230 students: 769.293 students for sixth grade, 190,498 students for seventh grade; 189,410 students for eighth grade, 177,957 students for first secondary year; and 116,772 students will appear for the final exams for the first semester of the primary and secondary education levels, and for the secondary school, 94,656 students will sit the exam. 

While 269,937 students will take the first period exams for the primary and secondary education completion certificates, 170,535 of whom will sit the primary education completion certificate exams, and 99,402 students will take the secondary education completion certificate exams.

The Ministry referred to the decision of the Minister of Education No. 2232 regarding the study plan for the years of transfer and general certificates in the primary and secondary education levels, to monitor education in the municipality of Derna, taking into account the floods that the city went through last September, which affected its educational institutions and students.