The general syndicate of higher and technology education teaching staff called for organizing an open strike at the beginning of the first semester on October 10.

The announcement came after an emergency meeting to discuss "offensive remarks" by Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah claiming the teaching staff is living in luxury.

The syndicate said Sunday the teaching staff are about 30.000, in addition to 10.000 teaching assistants, who all teach half a million students, adding that they had given a lot to the country and are capable to contribute to change.

"After deducting 15 months of our salaries and denying us incentives and promotions as well as leaves and funds for the scholarship-approved staff, we expected applauding statements by the Prime Minister not otherwise." The statement reads.

The syndicate called for "honorary stance" by the teaching staff who are in official positions in the government, saying it had started contacting international and regional organizations to exert pressure to obtain the rights of the staff across Libya.