Mayor of Zuwara Hafez Bin Sassi said Sunday that the students of the secondary certificate in the city will not comply with the minister's decision to undergo a second round of exams in all subjects, pointing out that the students and families are willing to prosecute the minister before the Libyan law.

Ben Sassi clarified in a press statement that "the exam halls in Zuwara are closed with the consent of the students, parents, and the education sector in the municipality, noting that only a small number of students out of 447 took their exams in other committees outside the city.

Ben Sassi added that the minister violated the agreement reached by the municipality with the committee formed by the minister himself to negotiate with the municipality and parents of students.

The agreement included that students will be only re-examined in the most two difficult subjects in the school curriculum.

The secondary certificate exam results in Zuwara were rejected by the Ministry of Education after students of the city obtained 95% of the pass rate in the first round of exams, which the ministry regarded as “mass cheating.”

 The second round of the secondary certification exams started last Saturday.