The epidemiological situation in Libya is ranging between the third and fourth levels of the 48th degree, said the Scientific Advisory Committee to Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic, expecting infection rates to rise as people are more and more getting back to their normal life and attending various activities.

The scientific committee met with the Epidemiology Committee Monday and displayed a visual presentation of its weekly report, which showed a slight increase in the positive cases and the number of fatalities during the past week.

It expressed concern by the rate at which the epidemic is spreading in some regions, stressing that the situation looks worrying and needs strict control and follow-up from the competent authorities if the current precautionary measures are not applied.

The committee recommended strengthening precautionary measures in areas that recorded rise in the epidemic situation, including preventing gatherings in banks, worksites, restaurants, cafes, markets and banning all social activities and events. It also recommended applying financial fines to those who violate Covid-19 precautionary measures.