The head of the Scientific Advisory Committee to Combat Covid-19 al-Taher Al-Bakoush, on Wednesday, confirmed that the committee contracted with "Johnson & Johnson" company to supply 500 thousand doses of the anti-corona virus vaccine.

Al-Bakoush explained in a press statement that the price of the vaccine is close to 10 dollars per dose, stressing the committee is working in full swing to provide it.

According to Al-Bakoush, the medical staff alone needs nearly 455,000 doses, in addition to about 400,000 citizens over the age of 60, and more than 700,000 who have chronic diseases.

The head of the advisory committee indicated that there are 700 centers for coronavirus vaccination, of which more than 400 centers have been examined by UNICEF.

He also emphasized that work is in full swing to launch an electronic system to register citizens for Covid-19 vaccinations.

In the same context, al-Bakoush noted that the "Moderna" vaccine is one of the best vaccines, but it needs to be stored at a temperature of -20, which makes it not the optimal choice.

Meanwhile, a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee to confront the Covid-19 Ali al-Muqaddami mentioned in earlier statements on Wednesday that the vaccine would be available by the end of next month.