The Consul of the Philippines, Mardomel Celo Melicor, met Thursday with the General Director of the Tripoli Medical Center (TMC) Mohammed Hanaish and reviewed the return of the Filipino medical personnel to work at the TMC.

According to the media office of the Prime Ministry of the Presidential Council, Hanaish praised the Filipino medical staffers for their vital role in Libya's health sector over the last years, saying they have left their place empty and added that the TMC's health services deteriorated as a result.

"We wish that the Filipino medical staffers return to work in Libya especially after the agreement made by the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) and the Health Ministry to allow money transfer transactions for the foreign medical personnel coming to work in Libya, in addition to the issuing credit cards for them." The Filipino Consul indicated.

Hanaish, in the meantime, considered the agreement with the CBL as a good gesture that could lead to a permanent solution for the crises in the health sector in the country - moneywise - regarding treatment of the incoming foreign workers.

"The return of Filipino workers to the TMC would pave the way for a similar action in other health centers in Libya." He remarked, telling the Consul to report the stability and security had had seen in Tripoli to his country's officials.

The media office reported as well that the TMC is currently home to 160 Filipino medical personnel, saying that the center needs more than 800 medical staffers in different sections.