150 persons with Leishmaniasis disease arrived in Tawergha hospital on Friday and the number of affected people is increasing, the hospital said.

On Facebook, the hospital called on all medical staffers from all across Libya to provide assistance to the hospital in Tawergha to treat the patients with Leishmaniasis.

The member of Tawergha local council Abdelnabi Abu Araba said Saturday that 500 Leishmaniasis cases have been registered in the city since last July.

He told reporters that the Leishmaniasis cases started after the people of Tawergha returned to their city in July 2018, saying 410 cases were registered since last year and 500 from July to October 2019, adding that sewage water across the city is behind the disease.

Abu Araba called on the residents not to take heed of media reports that urge them to leave the city, saying fighting this disease needs the people to remain in their locations to get treatment.

He indicated that public service companies are removing garbage to terminate the rodents that cause Leishmaniasis, calling on Health Ministry to speed up repairing the hospitals in Tawergha so people can receive media care.

Last Sunday, the Anti-Disease National Center said it had started distributing medical treatment for Leishmaniasis across Libya.