Algerian police announced Wednesday the dismantling of an international network that works in smuggling illegal immigrants to Europe from Syria and Lebanon, passing through Benghazi in eastern Libya.

The Algerian police said that it was able, through the anti-organized crime teams, to dismantle an international, organized, cross-border criminal network specialized in smuggling immigrants from Syria to Europe via Algeria. The police said that 15 suspects - including two women - had been arrested, including nine Syrians and six Algerians.

The police pointed out that the in-depth investigations, which lasted for more than five months, led to the discovery of the leads to this international organization. It added that the network transports illegal immigrants from Syria and Lebanon to Benghazi Airport and then by land to the city of Ghadames, after which they are sent to Algeria through the border city of Debdab, as they take the desert route toward Ouargla city in Algeria.