The Security Directorate in Ajdabiya has issued a statement announcing the temporary closure of all red meat shops as a preemptive measure to contain the spread of foot-and-mouth disease with the onset of Ramadan and the consequent increase in demand for meat.

Effective from Saturday, the closure decision, which has been authorized by the Parliament-backed Prime Minister, also includes a ban on the transfer of sheep in and out of the city and its suburbs.

The directorate urged farmers to cooperate and allocate a financial amount for vaccines and sterilization materials to prevent the spread of diseases among livestock.

Prior to this announcement, the municipalities of Bani Walid, Gharyan, Al-Bayda, and Tajoura had declared the closure of livestock and sheep markets due to the spread of lumpy skin and foot-and-mouth diseases. 
The National Center for Animal Health has also called for the provision of vaccines and sterilization materials to combat the issue.



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