The Minister of Investment in the parallel government, Ali Al-Saidi, unveiled a Chinese offer to rebuild infrastructure in Derna under the initiative of the “Libya Metro Project,” noting that he had received an official letter from the coalition of Chinese companies BFI in this context.

Al-Saidi added in a statement to Radio Monte Carlo: “We have a project of 2,000 housing units in Derna that was implemented during the previous regime, and it can be completed within six months, and we may establish a new city called New Derna,” indicating that China has the ability to create infrastructure of roads and bridges in record time, in addition to its great financial potential.

“The door is open to all companies without exception to participate in the reconstruction of Derna, as Libya needs large companies that can work around the clock, and is also waiting for international support to confront the repercussions of the Storm Daniel disaster”, he added.