Warlord Khalifa Haftar has granted exceptional promotion to 138 officers, including his son Khaled Khalifa Haftar, who was promoted from Brigadier to Major General. 

Khaled Khalifa Haftar was appointed last July as commander of the chief of staff of the security units, which Haftar newly created.

The promotion decision came according to a letter addressed by the head of Administration Authority affiliated with Haftar, Khairy Al-Sabri, to the Chief of Staff of the security units led by Khaled Haftar.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior in the parallel government, Faraj Qaim, the commander of the 166th Battalion and Khalifa Haftar’s son-in-law, Ayoub Boussif and Bassem Al-Bueishi, Khalifa Haftar’s cousin were also included in the decision.