Haftar is putting together a new law team as he prepares for another legal battle to appeal a Virginia court verdict that convicted him of committing murders and torture in absentia, the head of the Libyan-American coalition, Issam Omeish, says.

Replacing Haftar's previous lawyer is attorney Robert Cox of Briglia Hundley's office, who submitted a request on September 13 to hold a hearing in the Federal Court on October 7 to try and turn the verdict against his client despite the legal period for appealing against the judgment has expired.

On the other hand, Omeish said that the legal team of the Libyan-American coalition is working on the Military College case, in which a drone strike killed over 30 students during Haftar's offence on Tripoli in 2020.

According to Omeish, the case was filed against Haftar on September 15, in cooperation with the Association of Families of Victims of the Military College.