Libya powerlifting

Libyan athletes will open their participation in the 2023 World Masters Powerlifting Championships on Sunday, October 08.

The 2023 World Masters Powerlifting Championships will be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, from October 8-15. A total of 424 veteran athletes from around the world will take part in this event.

Libya is participating with 10 athletes, namely Omar Shabek, Akram Al-Bouaishi, Mohamed Al-Khazali, and Alaa Al-Din Al-Sheikhi, in the over 40-year-old master competition.

While Abdullah Abu Shaala and Ashraf Al-Falah, in addition to Adel Sultan, Abdul-Hakim Al-Delfaq and Khaled Al-Kharif, will participate in the over 50-year-old masters competitions, and the national team is represented in the over 60 Masters competitions by a single athlete, Ibrahim Madi.