The National Institution for Human Rights in Libya (NIHRL) announced that the poverty rate in Libya increased to 40% in 2023, adding in a statement on Tuesday that a study by the Bureau of Statistics and Census showed the average monthly household and individual expenses, and the Center for Social Studies reported that the poverty rate in Libya for the year 2023 would rise to 40%, according to the preliminary results of the Comprehensive Survey of Household Income and Expenditure 2022/2023.

NIHRL attributed this rate to several reasons, especially high inflation, the collapse of the value of the local currency against foreign currencies, the rise in prices of basic commodities and food, in addition to the increase in the value of health services, and the low level of income for families, including the most vulnerable and needy groups, such as the disabled, orphans, widows, people with limited income, and the displaced.

"As well as a large sector of employees who suffer from low levels of income compared to other employees in the public sector, and increasing indicators of unemployment and job seekers." The statement added.