The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) announced that it was monitoring the continued efforts of the Tunisian authorities to transfer immigrants to the Tunisian-Libyan border areas, and to push them to enter Libyan territory.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the NCHRL indicated that the Stabilization Support Apparatus announced on Sunday the arrest of 100 illegal immigrants of different nationalities as they illegally crossed Libyan territory across the Tunisian border.

NCHRL held the Border Guard Apparatus, which is affiliated with the Ministry of the Interior, and the designated Minister of the Interior fully and legally responsible for the continuation of what it called "collusion with the Tunisian side" in the operations of deporting illegal immigrants and asylum seekers who are on Tunisian territory and bringing them to the Libyan border, despite the Minister’s announcement that his Ministry is responsible for the Government of National Unity's controlling and fully securing the Libyan-Tunisian border during the month of December last year.

NCHRL also called on the Attorney General's Office to open a comprehensive investigation into the operations of bringing illegal immigrants and asylum seekers from the Tunisian border to the Libyan border, and to hold those responsible from the Border Guard accountable for negligence in securing the Libyan border with the Tunisian side.