The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has directed all its subsidiaries to work to develop urgent solutions to the crisis of the rising groundwater levels in Zliten and to provide all means of support requested by the municipality without waiting for any bureaucratic procedures.

NOC Chairman, Farhat Ben Qaddara, on Thursday, held broad meeting on the issue with the municipal council of Zliten and directors of the major oil sector companies, Al-Waha, Mellitah, Brega, and National Construction, the Oil Research Center, and a number of geological experts at the Center.

The corporation said on its Facebook page that the meeting was devoted to discussing the crisis of rising groundwater levels in the municipality of Zliten, during which Ben Qaddara instructed the oil companies to provide full support to the municipality of Zliten without waiting for bureaucratic procedures, to address the crisis of rising groundwater levels as quickly as possible.