Amazon man

Libya's Hussein Omar Nasr, well known as the "Libyan Amazon man" who lived several years alone in the Amazon rainforest, has died in a tragic traffic accident in his hometown south of Libya.

Social media users mourned Hussein, whose story began in 1995 when he left Libya for Germany to work as a mechanic on a farm before settling in Brazil in 2012.

During his stay in Brazil, Hussein was reportedly beaten by a Brazilian police officer -an incident that prompted him to abandon urban areas and take shelter in the outskirts of a forest adjacent to the city of Manaus in the northern region of Brazil.

His new place of residence was situated in the middle of the Amazon jungle, an isolated area only accessible by boat or plane.

For about seven years, Hussein lived 'a jungle life' depending on river waters, forest fruits, and the meat he hunts to survive.

In the wake of the 2019 mass fires that engulfed large parts of Amazonia, the Brazilian police found Hussein and initially thought he was a fugitive from justice.

Once Hussein was questioned and identified, the Brazilian authorities contacted the Libyan Embassy in Brasilia, which brought him back home after his family lost hope of seeing him again.


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