The General Directorate of Environmental Sanitation Affairs at the Ministry of Local Government reports that 32 beaches in Libya are unfit for swimming due to pollution. 

The announcement coincides with World Environment Day and follows water quality analyses of recreational beaches along the Libyan coast.

In a press conference on Wednesday, General Director Ibrahim Bin Dakhil presented a map of safe recreational beaches across all Libyan shores, indicating that the results were based on data and analyses conducted by environmental sanitation units throughout the country.

The administration's measurements covered 169 beaches within 30 municipalities, revealing that 137 beaches are safe for swimming while 32 do not meet health standards.

Bin Dakhil also highlighted the environmentally friendly activities of community organizations, which participated with the General Directorate of Environmental Sanitation Affairs in a tree-planting program that resulted in the planting of 200,000 trees in targeted forests.

He expressed support for the tree-planting campaigns conducted by civil society organizations, hailing the initiative by the public services company and partner companies under the supervision of the Government of National Unity to plant one million trees this year.