Derna water

The food and drug control authority Al-Bayda has set up an emergency committee to receive reports about water contamination or epidemic situations in the flood-affected areas east of Libya.

The Food and Drug Control Centre on Sunday hosted a meeting grouping its director, besides the head of the Agricultural Research Centre, the director of the Environmental Sanitation Office, the director of the Bioresearch Centre, the director of the National Centre for Communicable Diseases, and the Al-Bayda Municipal Guard.

According to the Food and Drug Control, the committee, which is comprised of the aforementioned agencies, will handle any reports of polluted water resulting from the floods.

The National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) confirmed Saturday that 150 people have been poisoned by contaminated water in the flood-hit areas east of Libya.

The Centre quoted its head, Haidar Al-Sayeh, as saying that clean water was mixed with sewage sources during the storm, which led to the contamination of groundwater.