Ras Ijder

A Libyan woman was pronounced dead at the Ras Ijder border crossing with Tunisia on Monday as she was waiting in an overlong queue of vehicles to get through checks by border officials.

The Interior Ministry said that 63-year-old Fatima Muftah died in the passenger lanes at the crossing border on Monday, vowing to take action to restore the trust of those using this route.

Interior Minister Emad Trabelsi announced some changes in the checking point of Ras Ijder, noting that it would include changing the officials managing the border.

According to Trabilsi, a meeting grouping him and the Tunisian Interior Minister will take place at the crossing point shortly.

After adjusting the conditions at the Ras Ijder crossing, the Interior Minister will head to the Ghadames border crossing with Algeria to prepare for its reopening, Trabilsi said.

Waiting in queues has long been part of the lives of average citizens in Libya.

Libyans got used to queuing in front of banks to get their money or at government departments to complete some paperwork.

As the country remains clouded with rapid political development, you could also see long queues building up in front of bakeries and gas stations now and then.