The 2022 African Chiefs of Defence Conference hosted by the US Africa Command (AFRICOM), concluded in the presence of Libyan Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Mohamed Al-Haddad, accompanied by African defence leaders and senior military officers from 36 African countries, in the Italian capital, Rome.

"The conference provided an opportunity to enhance relationships, encourage partnerships and discuss shared visions for the future of multinational coordination, operations, and interoperability in Africa, a statement by Africom said.

The conference discussions centered around five general panels, crisis preparation, response and recovery, threats to security, the rule of law, protecting resources, effects of technology, and interoperability.

The Libyan embassy in Rome said that Lieutenant-General Al-Haddad met on the sidelines of the conference with the army chiefs of Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Chad, and Italy, besides the commander of AFRICOM, General Stephen Townsend.