The head of the media and public relations office in Tarhouna Municipality, Mohammed Sayeed, said about 3000 families have escaped to Tarhouna from the IS-controlled city of Sirte and its suburbs – Zamzam, Wadi Bai, Abugrein, and Al-Heesha.

In a statement, Sayeed added that Tarhouna Municipality formed a committee tasked to provide whatever the displaced families need, whether housing, blankets, children’s milk and other necessary stuff. However, he pointed out that Tarhouna cannot take in more displaced families amid the lack of support and financial aids.

He also appealed to the all of the state institutions and international organizations to help provide humanitarian assistance for the displaced residing in Tarhouna.

It is worth mentioning that Tripoli, Tajoura, Zliten and Misrata have also formed crisis committees to tackle the growing numbers of the IDPs, who fled the terrorist grip of IS-controlled districts, especially after last week’s clashes that led to the expansion of IS control to reach Zamzam, Al-Heesha, and Abugrein.