Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah inaugurated on Saturday the insurance compound in the city of Misrata after undergoing maintenance work.

The structure, located in Tripoli Street of Misrata was an arena for fierce confrontations between the late Gaddafi forces and the revolutionaries during the 2011 uprise against the former.

Several officials also joined the event, including ministers, the mayor, and members of the city's municipal council.

Dbiebah reiterated that the Libyans could translate the sacrifices of the heroes, the patience of the families, and the determination of the young generation into achievements.

He indicated that the reopening of the site has a significant symbolic value as it restores "the battles of honor and the sacrifices of the heroes who laid their lives to liberate the area."

Dbiebah commended the Libya Insurance Company for its role in reopening the compound after years of closure and "neglect."

The ceremony featured a documentary about the battles that run for more than a month in Tripoli Street, which is considered a symbol of the February 17 revolution.

The tall building was used by Gaddafi's snipers, who targeted everything on the ground, including civilians, and kept them trapped in their homes for more than a month before the rebels managed to take over the site.