PM- security zones

Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, has deferred a decision to reorganize the security directorates of the Western Mountain municipalities for further consultations.

Dbeibah received a delegation of dignitaries and mayors representing the area on Sunday to discuss their objections to the decision.

He insisted that the step was due to technical issues and had no political motives.

A statement by the Government of National Unity (GNU) on Facebook said the delegation expressed concern that the decision could impact the social peace and stability the region is seeing under the GNU.

Earlier on Sunday, the notables and mayors of the Western Mountain municipalities announced that they would stop dealing with the GNU unless it overturned the decision.

Last week, Interior Minister Emad Trabelsi disclosed a plan to reorganize specific security directorates, including those in the Western Mountain region.

The plan divides the mountain region into three security zones, including the eastern mountain with its HQ in Gharyan, the western mountain with its HQ in Nalut, and the central mountain zone with its HQ in al-Rayyana, in addition to the security directorate of Ghadames, as it is a border area.