Al-Koni-Swiss official

Vice President of the Presidential Council, Musa Al-Koni, met on Sunday with the Swiss Ambassador to Libya, Joseph Philippe Ringli, and the Advisor for Humanitarian and International Cooperation, Sarah Voelmer.

Al-Koni praised Switzerland's role in the field of human rights, expressing the Council’s desire to achieve stability through a democracy that would "bring development, not wars and conflicts."

For his part, the Swiss ambassador affirmed his country's support for the PC's efforts towards achieving peace through its national reconciliation project, which he said would pave the way for an agreed-upon electoral process.

He said that Switzerland will work through its membership in the Security Council to stabilize Libya through the international working group and the UN mission in Libya.

The two parties shared views on the developments in neighbouring countries and the repercussions of the outbreak of wars in the region.