The Head of the Presidential Council in Libya Fayez Al-Sarraj reiterated Sunday the need for holding direct elections for Libyans to have their final say as regards to who shall rule the country.

Al-Sarraj said in a statement as he returned to Tripoli from an overseas trip that elections are the best shortcut solution to end the crisis in Libya, adding that most Libyan parties are aiming to produce a new transitional phase.

"All Libyan parties should positively engage in the upcoming dialogues and work on uniting state institutions." Al-Sarraj remarked, adding that this time, the Libyan parties need to be selfless and patriot,"

He urged Libyan parties to look for the national interest not the personal one, calling on them to produce solutions that lead to elections as soon as possible.

He said he gave up his resignation deadline of October 31 in order to save Libya any constitutional problems as the aimed consensus on a new authority wasn't' reached.

"There are international statements that agree with the statements of the House of Representatives and High Council of State in Tripoli that call for delaying handing over authorities until Libyan parties reach a political solution." Al-Sarraj further explained.