Italian interior minister, Matteo Salvini, said his country is up for more investments in Libya, especially a kind of an economic partnership to aid Libya in infrastructure, hospitals and other fields.

Salvini told Italian reporters that the Head of the Presidential Council in Libya, Fayez Al-Sirraj, has called on Italy to intervene in Libya.

"And I told Al-Sirraj that Italy is ready to intervene in Libya and I will be in there to talk further on the issue with him. It's going to be useful if Italy in line with NATO intervened to fight terrorism in Libya so we don't borrow down Libya's issues to immigrants, but we open the door for venues like economy, investment and politics." Salvini explained.

The Italian minister said he was thinking of a special way to tackle the issue in Africa by making immigration host centers in Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia and Ivory Coast.

He also attacked the NGOs off the Libyan coast, saying they are not what they claim to be, saying "saving children out of compassion is a way to make their own economic gains."

He added that the NGOs are funded by individuals and entities that don't care about assisting children but for making new slaves.

"Italy will continue to ban NGOs from bringing in any children migrants and then take them to other countries." Salvini indicated.