The Audit Bureau Wednesday said Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah spent 40.5 million dinars from the 2022 budget to purchase vehicles for his ministers, deputy ministers, and officials at his office.

According to the report, PM Dabaiba approved the ownership of 27 modern 2021 cars for his government ministers immediately after purchasing them, violating the legislation and laws regulating the purchase and use of public-owned cars.

The report said the Ministry of Planning managed to pass the deal through manipulation of procedure. Case in point, it divided the contracts to sidestep the bureau's prior and subsequent censorship.

To cover the financial gaps, the Ministry of Planning, "with the consent of the PM," transferred the budget from heading III of the 2021 financial year that was meant for development, the bureau indicated.

It may be recalled that the Audit Bureau monitored in its annual report for the year 2021 the purchase of 25 luxury cars for the PM's motorcade with a value exceeding 21 million dinars without being registered under the Cabinet Office's ownership.