The Head of the Audit Bureau Khalid Shakshak has suspended the Libyan ambassador to Italy Ahmed Al-Mabrouk Safar, as well as several other diplomats at Libya's embassy in Rome, Vatican, and Libya's Consulate in Milan.

Shakshak cited for the suspension of the diplomats in his ordinance "the best benefit for Libya, and their mishandling of public money."

The ordinance also suspended the Libyan charge d'affaires in Rome, Mukhtar Mahmoud and financial supervisor at Milan Consulate Mahmoud Al-Tarhouni.

Likewise, financial supervisors Salim Busanina and Salah Al-Deen Al-Himmali were suspended, along with health staffers Faraj Abu Gharara, and Abdulkader Abu Fanas, without saying in which Libyan diplomatic mission they work in Italy.

Reacting to the suspension, Libyan ambassador to Italy Ahmed Safar called the ordinance "political maneuver" targeting the possible candidates for the upcoming Libyan government resulting from the UNSMIL Head's action plan.

Safar added to the Italian news agency Aki on Thursday that the administrative ordinance won't affect his post as an ambassador in Italy for Libya as the ordinance is a provisional procedure before the investigation delves into the general financial department at the embassy in Rome, adding that once the investigation ends, the results will later be announced.