Authorities in Ghat have started to evacuate homes near valleys and lowland areas in anticipation of any flash floods as weather forecasts predicted heavy rains starting from Sunday.

On Saturday, the Mayor of Ghat, Ibrahim Al-Khalil, noted some increase in wind speed and rain but assured that the situation is currently favourable and does not represent any concern.

In response to the impending situation, local authorities have formed a 24-hour emergency room comprising the Libyan Red Crescent, the Public Services Company, the Electricity Company, the Municipal Guard, and the Citizen Service Office.

Additionally, the city has convened meetings to ensure better coordination between government and civil agencies.

For its part, the National Safety Authority on Saturday declared a state of extreme emergency in all its branches in response to the warning of torrential rains in the southern region, particularly in Ghat and its environs.

Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah has also issued a set of precautionary measures in anticipation of any emergency, including establishing an operations room in coordination with the mayors in the region to prepare for potential valley flows.