Egyptian pressure has forced the rogue military commander Khalifa Haftar to "make concessions," as his primary concern has become to pass the power from father to son, according to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

In a report titled “The Road to Tripoli,” the newspaper said the Libyan issue has returned to the center of the international agenda citing that a recent meeting between CIA Director William Burns and Libyan actors confirms this fact.

The publisher says that the US priority is to uproot Wagner's mercenaries from eastern Libya and counter the increasing expansion of the Kremlin's warriors in Africa.

Achieving this goal lies in the agreement of all Libyan warlords, starting with Khalifa Haftar.

For decades, the CIA had generously hosted Haftar in the US as an alternative to Muammar Gaddafi if needed.

The report adds that the regional powers that used to challenge each other in Libya and support one party over the other are no longer enemies.

"Egypt is no longer an enemy of Qatar after Sisi eased tensions with Erdogan, on the other hand, the UAE reconciled with Turkey, creating the favarouble environment to push Tripoli and Tobruk to sit and negotiate."

As La Repubblica put it, the Russian-Ukrainian war has altered the balance in the Mediterranean region, saying that Libya's hope of building a path for elections, establishing joint institutions, and a unified government is beginning to revive.