204 citizens were killed and 319 others injured during the month of November due to traffic accidents, statics released by the Traffic Police have shown.

According to the statics, the total number of accidents that caused death and injuries reached 317 ones, while the accidents that led to damage to the vehicles amounted to 104 ones and the number of the damaged vehicles counted to 629 with a loss of more than 2 million dinars.

The statics placed Tripoli at the top of the deadly car accidents list with 52 accidents that caused 23 deaths and 13 serious injuries, then followed by Misrata with 33 accidents causing 22 deaths and 20 grave injuries, whereas other accidents covered a wide range of the Libyan cities and towns with different numbers depending on the population density.

Analysts say that the deadly fatal car accidents are on the rise due to the massive numbers of vehicles in the country and to the inability to apply safety standards to these vehicles.