The Criminal Investigation Headquarters in the city of Sabha in south Libya witnessed a couple of days ago violent clashes in which three people were killed and dozens were injured.

The clashes came after the attack by the 101st Battalion, affiliated with Saddam, the son of Khalifa Haftar, on the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Agency in Sabha, which is affiliated with the Ministry of the Interior of the parallel government, which also is affiliated with Haftar. 

The attack was, according to sources, aimed at opening an escape route for the Head of the Fuel Committee, Salah Al-Hassi, who was arrested on orders from the Attorney General.

Eyewitnesses said that Al-Hassi couldn't escape as a result of the attack, which caused the killing of 3 people: Mahdi Al-Sulaimani, affiliated with the 101st Battalion, Adam Al-Hasnawi, and Ibrahim Abdel-Razzaq, affiliated with the Sabha Criminal Investigation Agency.

Eyewitnesses confirmed the withdrawal of members of the 101st Battalion after they failed to make a successful escape for Al-Hassi, who was arrested by a decision from the Attorney General on charges of theft, after military and security support arrived at the Criminal Investigation Headquarters in Sabha.

Since the day of clashes, a state of uneasy calm has prevailed amid expectations of a resumption of fighting, especially with the continued imprisonment of Al-Hassi by Saddam Haftar’s forces, knowing that there's a difficulty in handing him over to the Attorney General's Office in Tripoli.