Clashes erupted in the oasis town of Waddan in Al-Jufra region on Friday between local gunmen and fighters from Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB), leaving seven gunmen and five BDB fighters killed.

Local reports said BDB fighters were on the way to Al-Jufra Airbase after morning clashes against Dignity Operation forces when they were ambushed by gunmen loyal to Dignity Operation in Waddan.

Dignity Operation forces attempted early in the day to advance into Al-Jufra Airbase following a night of intense airstrikes, but they were repelled by BDB fighters in the road between Waddan and Zillah.

Dignity Operation forces, who are stationed in Zillah town, moved into Waddan after the clashes, while BDB fighters withdrew to Al-Jufra Airbase.

Al-Jufra is a region in central Libya. It is split into five towns, namely Waddan, Zillah, Hun (its capital), Sawknah and Al-Fuqaha, in addition to an airbase. Zillah and Waddan are under the control of Dignity Operation.