Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah has confirmed his readiness to attend a meeting proposed by UN Envoy Abdoulaye Bathily involving key parties in Libya.

“We are ready to participate and support any earnest efforts to make the elections successful,” the PM said in a televised statement on Tuesday.

He reiterated his government's keenness to open up with all efforts and initiatives aimed at building confidence and progressing towards elections.

Praising Bathily's initiative, Dbeibah recalled the UN envoy's invitation to Libyan leaders to settle disputes related to the electoral laws and focus on reaching a solid legal and constitutional basis for the polls to succeed.

"There is no room for side paths, and we will not allow new transitional stages," Dbeibah underscored as he unveiled a proposal to establish a supreme body to supervise the elections, with the participation of all parties.