Misrata city hosted Saturday the commencement of the ninth batch of the Anti-Terrorism Force, in the presence of Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah. 

"The era of wars is over, and the Government of National Unity will end the causes of conflict, no matter how severe they are," Dbeibah said, stressing the government's determination to stand against those who undermine the security of the citizens and the country, and to fight the ones who want wars through the establishment of development projects.

Dbeibah clarified that the government would spare no effort in supporting the Anti-Terrorism Force, along with other security agencies and the army, to be a pioneering institution based on science, training and development.

The commencement ceremony was also attended by the Minister of Labor and Rehabilitation, Ali Al-Abed, the commander of the Anti-Terrorism Force, Major General Mohammed Al-Zain, the mayor of Misrata, a group of brigades and military officers, and a number of municipal officials.