Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah met in Brussels with the European Commissioner for Transport to discuss the activities of the Joint Committee between the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority and the European Aviation Safety Agency.

The meeting was attended by the EU agency's team and the head of the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority, Mohamed Shelbik. 

The parties reviewed the technical report presented by the Civil Aviation Authority last December and the observations therein. 

During the meeting, the European Commissioner praised the significant strides made by the Libyan civil aviation system, as evidenced by the report of the Steering Committee for the EASA Mediterranean Countries Program.

She also acknowledged the steps taken under the agreement between the International Civil Aviation Organization and the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority, which are instrumental in meeting European requirements. 

The EU official particularly emphasised the crucial role of PM Dbeibah in addressing the ban on Libyan aviation over European airspace, highlighting his leadership and commitment to resolving the issue.

Meanwhile, Dbeibah emphasised the importance of joint cooperation to create favourable conditions for the return of companies and investment between Europe and Libya.