Deputy Interior Minister of Presidential Council, Faraj Egaim, has given rogue General Khalifa Haftar and his armed groups, mainly from Furjan tribe, 48 hours ultimatum to leave Benghazi or they will face the consequences.

Speaking over telephone to Jordan-based 218 News TV on Friday night, Egaim said there will be a meeting in Barsis town, 57 km east of Benghazi to mandate Wanis Bu Khamadah as top military commander of Benghazi.

In an angry tone, Egaim said Khalifa Haftar was the mastermind of the car bomb explosion that targeted his convoy in Sidi Khalifa last Sunday.

“The car belongs to the General Command, it belongs to Khalifa Belgasem Haftar whom we brought in 2014 and has now become a troublemaker”. He stressed, accusing his groups of being behind killings and abduction in the city.

He also accused Khalifa Haftar’s command of being behind the mortar shells that fell today on his camp in Bodzira district leaving 3 guards dead and 7 others wounded.

“We declare war on the traitor and his camp in Rajma.” He shouted.

The angry minister also accused Khalifa Haftar of conducting an airstrike on his brigade in Sabri district in 2016 leaving 5 fighters dead and 25 others wounded.