Derna Shura Council has declared a state of emergency and full mobilization to prevent Khalifa Hafter militia groups from advancing toward the city, days after the General Command of those militias announced Operation Volcano to invade Derna.

In a statement on Saturday, Derna Shura Council also warned the neighbouring towns, which harbour Khalifa Hafter militias, of repercussions over their anti-Derna actions, in a sign of looming war against them.

Khalifa Hafter militias have started attacking Derna shortly after ISIS expulsion from the entire city.

On Saturday, the Command of Operation Volcano warned Derna citizens against protecting fighters of Shura Council. It said all houses and farms that harbour those fighters and their military vehicles would be bombed by the air force. 

Khalifa Hafter's new move is seen as exploitation of 8 month-long military operations between Derna Shura and ISIS militants in Al-Fatayah, which ended up with ISIS defeat.

Hafter's militia groups think it's time to attack Derna as Shura fighters are already exhausted and their ammunition is on the decrease following months of confrontations against ISIS.

Derna Shura, as many other anti-Hafter groups, is classified by Dignity Operation media outlets as terrorists.