The Government of National Unity (GNU) announced on Monday that the system for providing visas to foreigners electronically will be opened starting from mid-next March, in a step aimed at facilitating entry procedures for foreigners and visas for temporary tasks.

Government officials held a meeting to follow up on launching the visa system, where the government statement said that the meeting reviewed the system in its final form and approved it to start working on it after coordination between the Passports and Nationality Authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The meeting discussed the second phase of the project, which includes residency permits for foreigners and visas for temporary tasks, and it is expected to be launched before the end of next June.

The Director of the Passports and Nationality Authority confirmed during the meeting that this project will contribute to facilitating procedures for foreigners and tourists and organizing the granting of residency and work visas.

He also considered the project as one of the most important challenges that the Authority, in coordination with the General Authority for Information and the Telecommunications Holding Company, was able to implement within the 2024 plan.