The Council of Elders and Notables of Greater Tripoli has criticized the outcomes of the preparatory forum for the National Reconciliation Conference, which was held in Tripoli last week under the Presidential Council's supervision.

The February Revolution representation was low at only 10%, the council said in a statement on Sunday.

"Reconciliation is realized through true transitional justice and a fair judicial system based on Islamic law."

The anthem, the flag, the Constitution of Independence, and the constitutional declaration adopted after the revolution are a red line, the council said.

The bloc accused the Presidential Council of creating an uneven playing field for national reconciliation, holding it responsible for deepening the conflict if it continues to go down this path.

"All those responsible for crimes against the Libyan people should be in the courtrooms and not in halls and forums."

On Saturday, civilian and military actors in Misrata, including its municipal council, announced their rejection of the forum’s outputs, stressing the need for reconciliation to be "based on the foundations and principles of the February Revolution."