The European Union (EU) said it would continue to support non-governmental organizations for recover projects after the floods disaster in eastern Libya, where Strom Daniel and ensuing floods killed thousands in last September. 

The EU said it had assigned 5.7 million euros to provide health, education, water, and sewage services, in addition to developing the systems of rapid response to disasters in Libya. 

According to the EU's statement, the exhibition aims to support organizations, raise their capabilities in social contribution, and encourage their local development initiatives in comprehensive development, capacity building, and community wellbeing.

The EU ambassador to Libya, Nicola Orlando, and members of the EU delegation participated in the opening of the second edition of the exhibition, where a number of youth civil action leaders were present. 

The EU hailed the role of Libyan civil society in building the state and improving the lives of citizens. Orlando added during his speech at the opening of the exhibition that “it is wonderful to meet with many heroes of Libyan civil society at the annual Tripoli exhibition for non-governmental organizations."

He stressed that the EU is a proud partner and supporter of many organizations that make Libya a better place for its citizens every day.