The European Union announced its continued support in providing humanitarian aid to Libya through its civil protection mechanism.

The European Union spokesman for the Middle East and North Africa region, Luis Miguel, confirmed in TV statements that through this mechanism, humanitarian aid would be mobilized and offers made by European countries to participate in relief response would be coordinated.

Miguel said that Romania, Finland, Germany, France, and the Netherlands provided aid that included food and relief materials, field hospitals, shelter supplies, and water tanks, in addition to 80 electric generators.

The spokesman added that rescue teams specialized in maritime searches were sent, and France also provided a medical team consisting of 53 doctors, while Italy sent 3 helicopters to participate in search and rescue operations, and the Netherlands sent 3 helicopters and experts in information technology, maps, and logistics services.

Miguel explained that the focus at this time was on rescue operations, search and recovery of bodies, and providing aid to those affected, pointing out that the magnitude of the disaster in Derna was massive.